Yang Taegyu

Yang Taegyu

Front-end development

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AWS Amplify console Hosting

Welcome to AWS Amplify Hosting - AWS Amplify HostingLearn about using Amplify to deploy and host apps, and managing them using Amplify Studio.AWS Amplify HostingAWS Amplify Console을 이용한 프론트엔드 배포자동화 시스템 구축하기이번

Styling Essentials

Disabled buttons suck Disabled buttons suck | Axess LabShowing buttons as disabled until a form is complete might seem like a good idea. It is not. They usually create a lousy user experience…Axess

React Server Component 관련

How React server components work: an in-depth guideA deep dive exploration of React server components under the hood.Team Plasmic 요약 1. React Server Component is not server-side rendering (SSR)! https://www.plasmic.

Component Driven 개발 사례

Design system  - 특장점 소개 및 요약   - Component Driven User Interfaces   - figma에 의한 디자인 시스템 구축 사례 및 개념 정의  - references   - Spectrum, Adobe’s design system   - Atlassian Design