Yang Taegyu

Yang Taegyu

Styling Essentials

The anatomy of a button The anatomy of a button — UI component seriesAll you need to know about button design, one of the main interactive building blocks for creating a user interface.UX

React Server Component 관련

How React server components work: an in-depth guideA deep dive exploration of React server components under the hood.Team Plasmic 요약 1. React Server Component is not server-side rendering (SSR)! https://www.plasmic.

Component Driven 개발 사례

Design system  - 특장점 소개 및 요약   - Component Driven User Interfaces   - figma에 의한 디자인 시스템 구축 사례 및 개념 정의  - references   - Spectrum, Adobe’s design system   - Atlassian Design

Amplify SSR 배포 환경에서 forwarding headers 이슈

SSR request loses original headers · Issue #2161 · aws-amplify/amplify-hostingBefore opening, please confirm: I have searched for duplicate or closed issues and discussions. I have read the guide for submitting bug reports. I have


Monorepo ExplainedEverything you need to know about monorepos, and the tools to build them.monorepo.tools모노레포를 지탱하는 툴링모노레포에는 반드시 걸맞는 툴링이 필요합니다